Another Surprise

I had no idea these twins were in this small patch of woods until I saw this, despite the fact I have five cameras in this relatively small area. Maybe they are passing through or maybe I’ve just missed them. Whatever … what a beautiful surprise!

I grew up in Chicago and surrounding suburbs. Wildlife was hard to come by, so I relied on books and TV shows like Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom to satisfy my craving for wildlife. So when a young Whitetail Deer wandered down our street in Park Ridge when I was about 10yo, my mind was blown! I stood in the picture window of our mostly off limits living room, jaw on the floor. What an extraordinary sight! My life long love of deer was born in that moment.

Now living in Ashland, Oregon, Blacktail Deer wander our neighborhoods all the time. Some even consider them pests. Not me. When a deer strolls down our street, I stand in our picture window and watch, just like I did when I was ten.

I’m forever grateful for deer.

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