End of Summer

It’s been a busy couple of weeks, both in the wild and on the business end of things. Doing the Lithia Artisan’s Market every weekend starts taking a toll by the end of September. Setting up and tearing down a booth 4 times a weekend isn’t always fun. But it keeps the dream alive! I’ll get a break from shows and markets in January.

My latest booth design.

Camera trapping! I’m getting better at it … I think. I may be getting luckier too. I don’t know.

Another young coyote … perhaps the same one as in the last post, hard to tell. Whatever, so beautiful .
Mama of the two cubs. REALLY happy with this one. The mood lighting is courtesy of the two cubs who had rearranged a flash.

I’ve applied for one grant to gain additional equipment for camera trapping. I plan to apply for another too. The process of setting camera traps is very different than traditional wildlife photography. I love both approaches equally and I can do both simultaneously.

I have fallen completely in love with the American Black Bear.

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